By The Numbers

Here’s some information that you will hopefully find important:

 *   Nearly 600,000 people suffer sudden heart stoppages every year,

*   That’s about 1,600 everyday

*   Or about 1 every minute

*   About 400,000 of these cardiac arrests  happen outside hospitals.

*   Less than 6 percent of victims survive cardiac arrests outside hospitals.

*   About the 200,000 cardiac arrests that occur in hospitals, 24 percent of victims survive

*   Survival rates vary widely between communities in the United States,

*   Seattle is one of the best cities to have a cardiac arrest

*   Alabama is one of the worst states to have a cardiac arrest


Looks like we could do better and better could come from just a little bit of interest and education on your part.  With less than 3 percent of the U.S. population receiving training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation annually, education  and training is the answer.  The CPR training you have today  will benefit your family and your community.


Call 911Ready in the Huntsville. Madison, Redstone Arsenal, or nearby areas in North Alabama to arrange for your training today.