Local Officer Was 911Ready

Officer Russell Owens of Madison (AL) Police Department received the Life Saving Award for his efforts helping a sudden cardiac arrest (“SCA”) victim.

 On July 1 Madison police officers responded to a medical call for a person in distress. Owens was the first officer on scene and found a 23-year-old male who was in full cardiac arrest.  Owens started CPR procedures and continued to provide lifesaving efforts for about three minutes until EMS arrived.

 Madison Police Department’s Life Saving Award was given “Due to the swift and decisive actions of Officer Owens, a life was saved and the patient able to make a recovery,”

By being 911Ready Officer Owens was able to save the life of another person.  Get trained and CPR and AED use…unlike Officer Owens situation, the most likely person you will save will be a family member, friend, or business associate



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Must Read Response to Failed Resuscitation.....

Yesterday at around 11:55am, a UCF student collapsed in his class due to what is now believed to have been a massive heart attack. As a first responder, I was his fighting chance. I did everything I was ever trained to do but I was unsuccessful. The image of his face as I gave him his last breaths and pumped his chest will never leave me. Michael (I believe his name was), wherever you are now, please know that I am so sorry to you man. I am sorry I failed you. I'm sorry you lost your life so soon. I did not know you and I will never get that chance but I have no doubt in my mind that you were a remarkable human being on your path to becoming an extraordinary adult.

To his parents, if I never get the chance to find you, I hope this reaches you: your son fought for his life without feeling any pain. I did everything I knew how to possibly do but it wasn't enough. I cannot fathom the pain you feel and my words will never ease them but please know that I am so sorry. I will work everyday, as a student of UCF, an individual of society, and hopefully one day as a politician, to assure that what happened to your son can be prevented in schools nationwide. Whether it be by spreading the importance of knowing CPR, adding more AED machines to schools, I will make his life meaningful somehow, someway. I promise.

To everyone else, I'm not writing this to receive any sort of sympathy, that should be directed to Michaels family, but rather to share the importance of knowing what to do in similar situations and to remember this incredible person. Just like millions of other students, including myself, Michael woke up Monday morning for school; to learn, to progress his life, to eventually become an essential part of society. Giving him a 50% chance of living versus a 0% was crucial, regardless of the outcome. Therefore, I plea to everyone out there, please go and familiarize yourselves with the basics of CPR/AED. Every single second counts, trust me. It could mean the difference between life and death.. I only wish I would have gotten to him a couple of minutes sooner.

I ask that everyone please share this post in the hopes of spreading the importance of being CPR trained but also for me to be able to reach Michaels family.

Lastly, to you Michael, I hope you rest in internal peace. You will be missed by the entire UCF community.

UPDATE: "Through the efforts of yesterdays tragedy, I think that there are more acknowledgements due to shed light on the untold story. The courageous students, staff, and police force at UCF all played a crucial role in working towards the better good of saving Micheal’s life.”

By The Numbers

Here’s some information that you will hopefully find important:

 *   Nearly 600,000 people suffer sudden heart stoppages every year,

*   That’s about 1,600 everyday

*   Or about 1 every minute

*   About 400,000 of these cardiac arrests  happen outside hospitals.

*   Less than 6 percent of victims survive cardiac arrests outside hospitals.

*   About the 200,000 cardiac arrests that occur in hospitals, 24 percent of victims survive

*   Survival rates vary widely between communities in the United States,

*   Seattle is one of the best cities to have a cardiac arrest

*   Alabama is one of the worst states to have a cardiac arrest


Looks like we could do better and better could come from just a little bit of interest and education on your part.  With less than 3 percent of the U.S. population receiving training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation annually, education  and training is the answer.  The CPR training you have today  will benefit your family and your community.


Call 911Ready in the Huntsville. Madison, Redstone Arsenal, or nearby areas in North Alabama to arrange for your training today.

CPR is Poetry In Motion

So you have a pool

That’s so way cool

But it would be greater

If you were a trained resuscitator


Going to do something beachy

Well that’s just peachy

Go down there in your car

But on the way learn CPR


If you are slow reader, I attest

While reading this someone had a sudden cardiac arrest

Proof positive for you and me

That’s when it is good to know how to use an AED


What’s the summation of all the above

Learn CPR to save someone you love

Where can you learn such a feat

Well, 911Ready is just down the street.

911Ready: Who Inspires Us

Anyone paying attention understands the prevalence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest ("SCA") and the devastating impact on the people involved.  While that should be cause enough to get the public interested in CPR and AED training, below find a list of the people and their organizations that really understand the consequences of SCA and are doing something about it.   These are the families that have lost a loved one to SCA and have developed organizations to educate the public.


Sean Fisher Memorial Foundation


Chase Morris Foundation


NIck of Time Foundation


Danny Mills Heart Foundation


Travis R. Roy Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fund


Anthony Bates Foundation


Gregory W. Moyer Defibrillator Fund


Kids Endangered Now (KEN) Foundation


Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation


Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc.


Run For Sarah


Eric Parades Save a Life Foundation


Max and the Wild Things


The Chad Foundation for Athletes and Artists


The Cormac Trust


The Andrew Ortega Foundation


Living 4 Zachary


Take some time to visit these websites and thank them for getting involved.  We all need to spread the word about SCA and the importance of CPR and AED education.