Local Officer Was 911Ready

Officer Russell Owens of Madison (AL) Police Department received the Life Saving Award for his efforts helping a sudden cardiac arrest (“SCA”) victim.

 On July 1, Madison police officers responded to a medical call for a person in distress. Owens was the first officer on scene and found a 23-year-old male who was in full cardiac arrest.  Owens started CPR procedures and continued to provide lifesaving efforts for about three minutes until EMS arrived.

 Madison Police Department’s Life Saving Award was given “Due to the swift and decisive actions of Officer Owens, a life was saved and the patient able to make a recovery,”

By being 911Ready, Officer Owens was able to save the life of another person.  Get trained in CPR and AED use…unlike Officer Owens situation, the most likely person you will save will be a family member, friend, or business associate.



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